Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Blog #7: Who owns our reality?

I'd be lying if I said I knew what role traditional media helped with. I seriously have no idea. Maybe being a trustworthy source? News online spreads so fast the truth can be warped. But in like newspapers the news is worked out and people make sure they're up to date with the truth, but even then they have their downfall, like being unable to update live.

Moving onto the dangers of people only paying attention to their interests. I do this, I'm well aware that I should try to stop as well, thanks to it I've been pretty uninformed lately. I do thank this class for getting me back on track! Paying attention to things outside of your interests pays off so much in the future.

I imagine not paying attention can affect your knowledge and make you look a little dumb honestly. That's the minimum though. An extreme, though very possible situation could be traveling. Say you're going on vacation but haven't heard news of the destination, who knows what you're getting yourself into. Another thing is maybe hearing lies thanks to your interests interfering with the actual truth.

The government being able to communicate with their media outlets etc. scares me a lot actually. This means they can decide what is heard the moment an event is occurring. And people tend to believe whatever the government tells them, and they won't bat an eye at the fact that they're not hearing the whole story. This also means that the news from the government can be very in favor of a certain party, Republican, Democratic etc.  They can also create their own medias and make the sites look exactly like any other  news site. Making it more believable. Considering I'm not likely to subscribe to a news paper, especially in today's age. I'll probably be looking to the internet for news. I know it's risky but it's easier, kind of annoying 75% is probably biased though. Let's be real though will there even be news subscriptions in the future? for traditional media anyway.


This is clearly in favor of the democratic party, being run by the Obama Administration and all.

I just want to say that even traditional art is becoming less popular, digital art is more common, I really think it's the same with news. Some people even say digital art isn't real art. Could it be the same with news? "What we hear online isn't real news sometimes."


I found this very interesting. (Up above)

I really have no idea what the job of a reader is at the moment, I really want a solid answer to that question but, I can't think of one, or find one. I'm sure the answer isn't just one answer, it's multiple though. Like providing feedback, interpreting what it means, trying to show others, understanding the story? Answers like that all seem good, but I can't help but feel as though that's not true anymore. I feel like readers are losing the definition of reader. I'm not sure how to describe it.

I'm not sure democracy is in trouble with traditional media dying, To put it bluntly, I don't understand how it could be. Maybe all these businesses creating a news monopoly? Is that what the question meant, if so I see democracy still there but it's kind of a very thin slate at this point.

Really sorry I sort of rambled on this blog.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Blog #6

You know, satire is such a risky thing to publish anywhere. It's so risky, I've seen it on twitter and there's so much backlash towards it. Some people should not have access to the internet if they don't understand it. I don't mean to call anyone dumb or anything but, some people don't have that understanding, you know? There was a period of time where I didn't understand irony, this was about 4 years ago though, when my humor was absolute garbage. Now I can tell when there's a joke, which I'm thankful for.

Considering there are some people who cannot take a joke, or can't understand it to say the least. Satire can be taken seriously and literally, and it can spread and people will perhaps believe what they're reading.


This is a link to a post about a few times the Onion has been taken seriously. This is a fine example of things being taken seriously. I mean, people believed and abortion-plex was being opened! Personally, I think that's hilarious, I'm betting there was serious backlash at it though. That's another thing about satire,

The main point is satire is dangerous.

I hope people begin to take jokes more lightly. I get the whole it's offensive thing but, the world doesn't revolve around you, the mature thing to do is just move on and block it out.

I remember we watched that guy, Jon Stewart on crossfire you know? He did satire but was SUPER educated about everything, this leads me to believe satire can actually help us as a society. I think the media should take this into account, and yest I do believe the media should change the way they project their content, it would help to cater to the audience.

10% of teens are interested in the news, more would be if it were interesting, bringing in more humor would definitely get more of them to pay attention, it works on me so. Also, fake news is definitely better than actual news, well it can be anyway, it gets more attention. Usually because it's funny but that's my point.


Stuff like this gets attention because, one it may be stupid but it's funny and unique and two, some people take it seriously.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Mira's Mother

These are a few memories my friend Mira remembers about his mother and what it was like to grow up with her.

Mira today lives with his dad, is an excellent artist and a really amazing friend.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Blog #2: The Future

The first thing I learned about trying to design our own news app thing is that it's pretty hard? You have to appeal to such a large audience of people. I decided to combine a community idea with Omegle's concept. And News2Chat was born, This app basically allows you to converse with assorted users about news topics that are trending and appeal to you. It also allows you to keep users as friends and also save the messages, unlike Omegle. There is a wide variety of categories as well, it allows you to meet new people as well as message them. Now that I think about it this is kind of like twitter. Actually this is basically Twitter, I kind of wish I had thought of something else.

If I was able to redo this I'd rethink the whole project over again because this is literally a rip-off. I guess maybe the time crunch got to me. Maybe that and a combination of lack of ideas and creativity. I don't think my ideas were bad though. Someone just thought of them first. Basically my problems were not being able to think of solid ideas and brainstorming. I guess I could get more people's help next time.

What I have come to understand about newspapers, is that they may actually be the best way to receive news, People have the choice to find news online, but they're often lazy about it, newspapers provide a center source of multiple news stories. People have the choice but they don't make the right one. This often causes useful information to not be in their hands.

The job of a reporter is constantly changing, for instance, they are developing VR for people to actually experience these real life things. Reporting is not the same anymore, people used to tune into the radio and just listen to reports, nowadays tech has come so far that you can actually experience these things, it's outstanding how far we've come.

In my opinion Journalism will always be evolving. In the future perhaps tech will progress even further to allow us to experience more emotion in a story, or more so than ever before. I'm very hopeful of the future allowing us to experience journalism from a whole new perspective. I myself actually hope to experience new things that make experiencing stories much better.

In conclusion tech has evolved progressively fast, I foresee a future filled with technology and Journalism.

Monday, February 22, 2016

What is Journalism? How is it changing?

In this evolving world everything changes and grows, the same goes for journalism. With new ways to share information such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. things spread faster. I think technology will decrease the need of newspapers and traditional ways of spreading news. I remember the class discussion of Virtual reality and how reporters were finding ways to make people feel what it's like to be in Syria during the war. I think it's amazing in all honesty, technology is constantly improving too, imagine what we could make people feel. Making people feel the news is just one of the ways journalism is evolving.

They're training future journalists to use 360 degree cameras specifically designed for that purpose, journalism used to basically be getting info to people when they wanted it. I feel as if its evolved to so much more than just that. I have noticed that Journalism has evolved to using certain tactics to draw viewers attention. Click-bait, one of the prime examples is basically making something pop out so well people are almost forced to click on it to find out more. Journalists are basically triggering other peoples' curiosity. I also think information is so much easier to obtain, for example I personally never pay attention to the news but it's at my fingertips almost 24 hours a day. I would only find out something if it were to trend on Social Media.

My thoughts on this vary as I worry people will start to care less about the news as it becomes so much easier to obtain. Such as myself. I however, cannot come to a conclusion as to whether or not it's becoming easier, or harder to be a journalist. It may depend on how it changes, it'll be easier to portray stories but maybe harder to get people intrigued since Journalism also includes those on social media spreading information. Which leads me to another point, I feel journalism will start to have troubles with the truth, since it's getting easier to spread lies. I feel as if it won't revolve around news either, more of gossip will start to pop up here and there. For example, if a celebrity's twitter is hacked, it may trigger more of a reaction than say, a news story more important to people's well-being.

Since these types of thing seem to trend more, it makes me wonder if the definition of journalism will convert into just gossip. It's sad of me to think that but, it's what I've observed. But I truly feel like technology will both negatively and positively impact journalism, but since out people fixate themselves on negativity more easily. It'll be more of that.